Zoe Ceiling Lamp 150cm

By: Cangini & Tucci

Code: 1309MX.3L.Transparent

Glass Colour
Transparent Cangini
Pink Cangini
Shiny Cangini
Amber Cangini
Green Cangini
Sky Blue Cangini
Fume Cangini
Tobacco Cangini
Ruby Cangini
Metal Colour
Steel Cangini
Bronze Cangini
Gold Cangini
Red Cangini
Black Cangini

The metallization process is handcrafted. Small imperfections are inevitable and they attest the manual execution of the process. The process does not use RAL codes, therefore this can give rise to different shades of colour that can change from a phase of production to another in a distance of time. The company reserves and guarantees a careful quality control.

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