Stream Pendant

by: Grok



The linear design of this lamp makes it appear lightweight and slender. It owes its personality to the interspersed ripples that provide the texture on its lateral surfaces.

Product Information
Structure Material: Polyurethane
Diffuser Material: Methacrylate
Diffuser Finish: Opal
Lamp: LED 27.50, LED 12.50
CRI: 80/80
Lumens: 2640.00/1200.00
Gear Included: Yes, electronic
Multi Voltage Gear: Yes
Dimmable gear included: Touch dimmer
Height: Max 2100 Min 1100
Units/Box: 1
IP: IP20
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Grok lighting facilitates the spatial layout of large areas. Grok transforms large areas to give them a distinctive character, according to the requirements of a particular setting and the professionals who design them.