Puzzle Twist Ceiling

By: Studio Italia

Code: 146011


As the name suggests, Puzzle Twist led ceiling light allows you to twist and alter the light with two adjustable reflectors. Suspended just below the ceiling, the led light sources are hidden within the fixture, sending bright light above the fixture. The two metal reflectors break away from the central square, swiveling with 40 degrees of movement, creating a unique light solution of shadow play and geometric silhouettes.

Product Information
Frame: Metal
Diffusor: No
Dimmable: Yes
Dimmer: Not Included 
Included Bulb: Included
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Studio Italia

Studio Italia Design combines various and precious materials with incomparable skill and mastery. Blown glass dialogues with brass, aluminum, steel, enhancing its potential in different finishes. The passionate interest in all the resources of science and technology determines new lines and new exclusive raison d'être, dictated by modern environments, by current conditions and lifestyles.