Invisible Pendant 5693

By: Grok

Code: 00-5693-05-05

The simplicity of this collection makes it unique and gives it authenticity and an individual identity. The different positions for its arms and heads generate multiple compositions that convey a sense of almost complete weightlessness reminiscent of a mobile.

Product Information
Struture Material: Aluminium, Steel
Diffuser Material: Methacrylate
Diffuser Finish: Tinted
Lamp: LED 9
CRI: 80
Lumens: 765.00
Gear Included: Yes, electronic
Multi Voltage Gear: No
Dimmable gear included: Mains dimming (lc)
Height: Max 2500 Min 800
Rotation Angle: 350º
Units/Box: 4
IP: IP20
Class Incandescent Wire
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