Bend 4394

by: Grok



White lacquered Grok
Ecobright Grok

With forceful straight lines, this front-facing wall lamp is focused in the centre and expands outwards to increase the dimensions of the two windows at the sides. The inclination of these windows controls the distribution of the light halo to give it a strong personality.

Product Information
Struture Material: Aluminium,zamak
Diffusor Material: Polycarbonate
Diffuser Finish: Transparent
Lamp: LED 9
CRI: 80
Lumens: 880.00
Gear Included: Yes, electronic
Multi Voltage Gear: Yes
Units/Box: 20
IP: IP20
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Grok lighting facilitates the spatial layout of large areas. Grok transforms large areas to give them a distinctive character, according to the requirements of a particular setting and the professionals who design them.